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Ag Classes

Intro to Agriculture 

This course will survey a wide array of topics within the agricultural industry, exposing students to the many and varied types of agriculture and livestock career opportunities. Focus on developing communication skills, business principles, and leadership skills and FFA involvement with introduction to greenhouse systems. 



This course will cover a wide variety of topics, including greenhouse and nursery operations, soils and media mixtures, fruit and vegetable production, pasture management, interior and exterior plantscaping, irrigation systems, weed and pest control, and floral design

Animal Science


This course will impart information about the care and management of domestic and farm animals. Animal nutrition, health, behavior, selection, reproduction, anatomy and physiology, facilities, product processing, and marketing. Students may study a particular species (swine, cattle, horses, fowl, sheep, and so on), or they may learn how to care for and maintain livestock as a more inclusive study.

Agribusiness and Leadership


Provide students with the information and skills necessary for success in agribusiness and in operating entrepreneurial Ag ventures. Topics will include economic principles, budgeting, risk management, finance, business law, marketing and promotion strategies, insurance, and resource management. Students will develop problem-solving, decision-making and leadership skills.

Residential Electrical Wiring

Electrical Wiring is designed to teach safe practices for basic electrical wiring principles and practices. All information, exercises and labs will be based on codes found in the National Electric Code (NEC). Upon successful completion of the coursework, students will earn 4 CollegeNow credits in the LCC Pre-Apprenticeship program.

Career Technology Construction 1 & 2

Construction is a basic course with instruction on safety, planning and design, operation of woodworking equipment, modern woodworking practices, jointery, and application of common finishes. Concepts of teamwork, responsibility, and self-directed learning will be emphasized. Students at any grade with little or no previous woodworking experience are encouraged to enroll in this class.


This course is an independent course designed for the student to select and study a specific area of CAD or CNC . The course can be built around the student’s interest.

Find the rest of the Ag classes Pleasant Hill has to offer and their descriptions in the 2021 curriculum guide

Middle School Agriculture

At Pleasant Hill High school our 7th and 8th grade students have an opportunity to explore a wide variety of different agricultural topics, career interests, job skills, and conduct an at home supervised agricultural experience. Middle school students enrolled in this Ag class are eligible for FFA.

Our middle school students have the opportunity to participate in leadership events, FFA Competitions, fundraising events, community service projects, and other activities in our greenhouse and animal production area. Middle school students are invited to participate in a beginning leadership team and have the opportunity to network with sponsors and other FFA members from around the state. Many middle school students find this early exposure to the agriculture industry allows them to take specialized classes in high school and identify a career path early in their High School career.

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